Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly Muggles

My friend and I were driving by campus today when I saw some kids running around with bandanas..upon closer inspection, I realized they were playing a game..but not just any game. Quidditch. Yes, quidditch. I'm certain of it. They had the three rings on either end of the field, and nothing else really going yeah I'm pretty sure they were playing quidditch. But I don't really know what's worse, the fact that they are playing a wizard game from a book or that I instantly recognized they were playing a wizard game from a book.. I'll go with choice A. I thought this was very odd, and after further research I've discovered that not only is this a weird Ringling occurance, (I mean, it's art school, the kids are weird) but quidditch is played at universities across the United States..and they take it seriously. Yesh. Don't get me wrong, Harry's awesome, but I really don't need to be playing quidditch..especially without flying capabilities. Get me a broom that flies, and I'm there. Well..maybe not. I feel like there's other things at the top of my list if I suddenly had the ability to fly. But is a video of Princeton getting their Harry on..


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