Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chain Reaction

I love menswear and guys with style.

(1 jak&jil, 2-4 the sartorialist, 6-9 glamcanyon, 10-15 facehunter)


Friday, December 12, 2008

"The more firma, the less terra"

We had our first snow of the season in Boston the other day. Although it was somewhat pathetic, turning into rain by the evening, it was nice to open my window and watch the snowflakes fly through..everything looks so pretty covered in white.

('50s vintage cashmere sweater, secondhand belt, Elie Tahari skirt, UO leggings, my old horseback riding boots)


Our Own Party Crashers

Sometimes people show up at our house..a party ensues..I hide in my room.

Phares and Sarah

Livs and Cash




The hero has fallen

The hat

He lives

Charlie's shirt


Olivia Maxwell

Olivia wearing
(Kimachi & Blue UO dress)


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Melbourne is known as the city with four seasons in a day. I find that this has become a recent trend in my life, as every city I've chosen to live in has the most ridiculously random weather. Boston's weather for instance, was in the mid-60s yesterday and today is 40 degrees and rainy. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow..

Some of my favorite recent photos/outfits of the Olsens (source: In the Olsen's closet). The fourth picture is my favorite photo..I think Mary-Kate looks so demure and classically beautiful. However, the last picture is definitely my favorite outfit. I love the vintage-style hat, layering of jackets, ripped tights and powerful heels, and the all black style with her icy hair. It's perfect, really.