Monday, October 12, 2009


Kristen Stewart for Interview Magazine.

"Yeah, it’s weird. There’s an idea about who I am that’s eternally projected onto me, and then I almost feel like I have to fulfill that role. Even when things come out of my mouth, I want to be sure I’m saying exactly what I mean. All I’m thinking of is the fact that everything that I say is going to be criticized—not criticized, just evaluated and analyzed. And it’s always something that matters so much to me that doesn’t come out right. But in terms of how my life has changed, I never really went out a whole lot before. I’m sort of an in-my-head kind of person. I wish I could take more walks . . ." -KS

I really like the styling and photography..much better than her Nylon shoot in my opinion. I think this suits her more. And after reading the interview, I like her even more..she seems like a really cool girl.



David Sabia said...

I'm with you...she seems like a real cool girl. I need to check out Adventureland, you seen?

YeNtL said...
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Our Salvation Jane said...

Nah, I haven't..I've been meaning to, but then my friend said that it wasn't that good. But I think I'll still check it out anyway.

Did you have a good birthday?! Can't believe you're 21.. mish you!

David Sabia said...

Haha yeah that's how I feel about it too. Heard it alright, but seems interesting.

Yeah my birthday was sick, Ryan and my uncle from Cali surprised me and came to Boston so that rocked. I know, I'm officially an adult...scary!

Miss you too, hit me up sometime