Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Live McQueen

I've always felt this disconnect from the fashion world, as if it's something you have to be born into or let into..I can't really explain..but I've always admired those who can reference collections from before they were born, pronouncing each designer's name with a perfect accent (that type of knowledge is absolutely amazing to me, no matter what the subject is). And I don't think I felt that connection until I learned of Alexander McQueen..he truly was my window to the fashion world. He was an artistic genius, and whether you follow fashion or not, the beauty and inspiration he has brought to this world is undeniable. I think very few designers are able to reach out to people who have no affiliation with fashion, but McQueen did somehow. Even looking at him you get a sense of humble beginnings and inspired creativity, which is a beautiful thing to see in someone you don't even know. I believe the world has lost one of its greatest visionaries, and it is a sad, sad thing to think of all the beautiful things he had left to create. Thank you Alexander McQueen for all you have given us..your inspiration will live on forever.


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