Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Galliano SS11


John Galliano's muse for his SS11 collection was Maria Lani, who was an actress in Paris during the '20s. She convinced artists such as Matisse, L├ęger, and Chagall to paint her portrait under the pretext that she would use their work in a horror movie about a painting come to life..she then sold all the paintings and ran away to America..hah, nice.

I love how it all feels like a silent movie come to life in color for the first time..from the Jazz age-esque tiered dresses to the rich silk kimonos, it feels like nostalgia turned upside down and reinterpreted for the modern girl. It's romantic and fresh at the same time, luxurious yet playful..the palette muted in some pieces while electrifying in others..an overall series of contradictions that seem to all fall perfectly into place for this collection..a true reflection of the insane genius that is solely and undeniably Galliano.

Dear Mr. Galliano, thank you for keeping fashion fun..and making me excited about clothes :)


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