Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh SS11 film collaboration with Ruth Hogben, modeled by Kristen McMenamy.

"Kristen's amazing - she's one of those people who love to perform. We were shooting for two days and a lot was invested in it and to have all the right people at the right time, we needed someone who can deliver. So that crossed a lot of people off the lists - we couldn't work with new girls who don't understand movement. Also, she's got an amazing inverted triangular body shape - she's tiny down (in the waist) and then she's got these masculine arms. I like the contrast between feminine and masculine and I love how she's visually contradictory." Gareth Pugh in an interview with Dazed Digital.

I love the movement, abstractions and how the model creates such beautiful and dramatic poses and shapes with the clothing. I love how they reflected the model's movements, and how the angles and shapes created by her body reflected those of the clothing. Overall, just amazing high-contrast, kaleidoscopic visuals which embody the mood envisioned for this collection.


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