Thursday, September 30, 2010


Jil Sander SS11.

It's don't really notice the absence of color in fashion until you see a collection like this. Raf Simons has completely altered my perceptions of color's place in the fashion world, and I think his collection will be remembered for a very long time for both its electrifying palette and playful take on volume. He has taken his minimalist aesthetic to a new level, creating wearable pieces of solid color with clean lines and shapes for the silhouette, and adding even more excitement with the voluminous pieces. I love how the colors and proportions have been toyed with and layered to create this rich sense of youth and brightness with a bit of a modern edge. And those sunglasses are pretty sick as well..

“I used a little of the colors that appear in nature a lot,” Simons said, “and a lot of the colors that only appear a little.”


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