Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby's Black Balloon Makes Her Fly

Some pictures from a SHOWstudio/Replay collaboration titled, 'Eyes of the Beholder'. It was shot by Toyin, a London-based fashion photographer, who is currently working on a personal photographic project called 'The Cult of Boys'. The stylist for the shoot was Steve Westgarth, who is also London-based, and has worked on numerous photo-shoots for various magazines among other things.

I really liked these photos, mostly because of their artistic attention to detail. The black balloons kind of tie it all together, bridging romanticism with darkness. The third one is really cool, because it looks like she is in some mid-west field, with the wind blowing in her hair, when in reality it's just an interestingly painted wall. Overall, I just love the use of light and depth, and of course the clothes are beautiful as well. You really can't go wrong with black leggings and leather motorcycle boots..

To look at more photos from the shoot, or see the short film that was created from it, go to: http://www.showstudio.com/project/eyesofthebeholder

SHOWstudio has a lot of other really interesting projects, including photos and videos, and I highly recommend checking them out some time.


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