Monday, December 1, 2008

All Communication is a Form of Complaint

So I guess I should start out by citing the inspiration for this blog. A little over a year ago my life changed when I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia for my first ever college semester. It was there that I realized how beautiful my life could be, and the people I met along the way inevitably changed how I saw the world. 

What can only be known as "Fear and Loathing in the Wongdong Mountains", is where the name of this blog first came about. A friend I met while in Melbourne, Etienne, took me and three of my best friends, Olivia, Rachel, and yes, another Olivia, to his parents cabin out in the middle of the Wongdong Mountains of southern Australia. I could not even begin to describe to you what I did or saw there, but know that it was one of the most amazing two days of my life. One thing I will tell you though, is that the hills were covered with these beautiful purple flowers, which Etienne told us were called Patterson's Curse. Cows would eat the flower, which caused their milk to sour, thus putting a "curse" on the farmer. Another nickname for this flower, however, is Salvation Jane..


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