Friday, December 5, 2008

Take Me to the Glenferrie

Ellen, Dana and the feast


Mike and Olivia

(Free People dress)

Yesterday we had a little reunion dinner at Dana's house for our Australia group. It was really nice to see everyone, and it's good to know everyone's doing well. It's kind of weird though, I feel that going to Australia has changed a lot of ours perspective on college and what it should be. Half the group has thoughts of leaving, and I can't help but wonder if it's because we were given such a beautiful experience somewhere else. It's hard knowing that there's somewhere else out there where you feel happier, a place that feels like home when in reality, it couldn't be farther from it. I don't think we really weigh all the options because we have such a preconceived notion of what college life is and what is expected of us. But we don't have to fit this mold and we don't have to do what's safe, and I think a lot of us are coming to realize this as we're learning to find ourselves. But maybe this is just that time in our lives when we are finally opening our eyes to take in the bigger picture, rather than simply admiring the scenery as it passes us by. And I guess better late than never..


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