Friday, March 20, 2009

Annie Creamcheese

(Blue feather earrings from my grandmother, secondhand jewelry, vintage scarf from Russia, Vintage cashmere cropped sweater, secondhand belt, Elie Tahari skirt, UO tights, old field hockey socks, old horseback riding boots)

Here's my outfit from the other day, which I've been to lazy to post. 

When I got these boots a couple years ago for riding, I never really thought I'd be wearing them all the time, especially not with skirts. But I've really come to like them, so yeah, cool..And the sweater I got at this store called Annie Creamcheese, which is in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. It's a really cool vintage and secondhand store that you should definitely check out if you're ever in the area.



Ninja Monkey said...

What happened to the horse? And if those are Ariat boots, don't you think you should mention that along with all the other brand names you seem to need to list?

Taylor said...

My horse died. And yes, those are Ariat boots, but I did not think most would be familiar with the brand, unlike the others. I just like to give a little background to my clothing, not define myself through brand names. I'm sorry if you take it that way.

Ninja Monkey said...

How the heck did your horse die? Most people just sell them when they lose interest. Did you know Ariat was started by a woman who used to work at Nike?