Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Giselle. Photos from foto_decadent, I believe.

listen in between your notes
there's something been going on
while you were busy taking notes
and look in between your moments
there's something good happening
it's good to sometimes
slow it down

what's the point in pouring it all out
when you guys just wear it on your coat?
I believe that for this piece of time
we can really crank us up a lot
get your head out from those mags
and websites who try to
shape your style
take a risk just for yourself
and wade into the deep end of the ocean

-Panda Bear



hande said...

omg!!those pics are amazing Giselle has a great body no matter what she wear:)

Taylor said...

Agreed! And I love how she contorts her back..very unique.