Monday, March 16, 2009

Person Pitch

(Jemmed, fringed, scarf-kerchief thingy my grandmother gave to me, vintage flannel of my Dad's, old beaded belt, Diesel cut-offs, old black leggings, Free People socks rolled over Blowfish boots)

I love this shirt of my Dad's, it's baggy, but still rather small. And this scarf thingy with fringe and jems is from my grandmother, and I absolutely love it. My dad called me an "urban cowgirl" in this outfit..I thought that was pretty accurate.

Busy day tomorrow. Class starting at 8, another at 9:50, and then work from 1-5..bleh..

But listening to Panda Bear, munching Cadbury, and sitting next to Olivia is keeping me in a relatively happy state :)


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