Thursday, April 16, 2009

China Cat Sunflower

Lily Donaldson, shot by Camilla Akrans, from foto_decadent.

Look for a while at the China Cat sunflower,
Proud walking jingle in the midnight sun.
Copperdome bodhi drip a silver kimono,
Like a crazy quilt stargown through a dream night wind.

Crazy cat peekin' through a lace bandanna,
Like a one-eyed Cheshire, like a diamond-eye jack.
A leaf of all colors plays a golden-string fiddle,
To a double-E waterfall over my back.

Comic book colors on a violin river Cryin' Leonardo,
Words from out a silk trombone.
I rang a silent bell, beneath a shower of pearls,
In the eagle-winged palace of the Queen Chinee.

-Grateful Dead



Anonymous said...

typical drug-induced Dead Head lyrics

Anonymous said...

"Hey, let's just string together a bunch of non-related words, put it to music, and a generation from now some 19 year old kids will think we were really cool" J. Garcia

Taylor said...

Their music was influenced by some of the greatest novelists, poets and intellects of their time. They created their own style of music, influenced further exploration into finding ourselves, and helped to define an entire generation through their music and ideas. I think Jerry Garcia is very talented and admirable, and at the very least, his music is unique.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does "influenced further exploration into finding themselves" mean? And yes, I agree they helped define an entire generation - a bunch of teenage and early 20's drug addicts who became people like your parents generation who sold out to big business, the shopping mall and Wall Street.

Taylor said...

It means that through their experimentation with drugs they were actually doing some soul searching, trying to reach a different level of consciousness that they believed would take them beyond all the material things you seem to think define their followers.

Ninja Monkey said...

You're joking, right? I know quite a few "soul searchers" from that generation and believe me; they were just a bunch of addicts. Some may have been of higher IQ than others; but they really had no higher (no pun intended) goals than getting high.

BoBo said...

Gezzell, I have read some of their works. Most were written AFTER they emerged from the drug-induced haze. BTW, even John Lennon said "we were just a band". Let's not idolize this group of people because the tincture of time changes peoples' perception of reality.

Taylor said...

Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Aldous Huxley, Ken Kesey, Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson, Dr. Timothy Leary...