Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not going back

Some photos from the weekend. I have some pretty ridiculous friends..

So Olivia and I went to our Springfest last night to see Jimmy Eat World at about 9:20, the show started at 7:30, but we just wanted to see Jimmy. We got there and they told me I couldn't have my camera, so I had to turn around and walk back to my place and drop it off. We came back and the entrance we were going in before was closed, and they told us we had to go in through the main lobby. Off to the main lobby, which was packed with metal detectors and cops, and I was quickly ordered into a line where I was told to take off my coat and bag, which they proceeded to search down to every pocket, even feeling along the lining of my pocketless jacket. Of course I went off in the metal detector, and even after I pointed out the enormous metal buckles on my jumper, they made me stand to the side and get the metal wand. Finally, they tell me I can go. I walk five feet before someone else asks for our ID. As we're getting them out, Olivia asks where we pick up the tickets, since she was told it was at the door, and they say we had to come early and that it's just too bad for us. Mind you this is Northeastern's Springfest, we are Northeastern students, had purchased tickets, and were the only ones not tripping down stairs in our wastedness..but alas, we had no other option but to leave..Eh, sucks.

Why do people need to be so lame sometimes? I just wanted to hear some music, jeez!

At least today is absolutely beautiful out..and a nice breeze is coming through the window..



ninja monkey said...

Perhaps that level of security on a college campus was viewed by some as overkill; but if you were at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 you'd get it. Sounds like you took it all as a personal afront.

Taylor said...

I'm from Virginia, I know of people who died in that tragedy, so really, I get it. I know it was for security purposes, but I have NEVER been searched that thoroughly, even at more important events at bigger venues in DC.