Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Photos from lookbook.nu

Hats really are the cherry on top. Not only do they cover up bad hair days, but they complete an outfit with a bit of an attitude. I really think every hat has a feeling tied to it. Fur hats are confident and outgoing, wide-brim hats are playful and flirty, knit hats are relaxed and polite, and so on. I've always loved hats, but now that I live in Boston, I've found them to be a necessity. It's sooooo coollllllllllddddd out!!!

So next time you're running out the door, don't forget your hat!



Anonymous said...

UGHHH this weather is too gnarly for my wardrobe. Are you visiting Jeff for Valentines day? We need to discuss some things...

Salvation Jane said...

I know what you mean..I'm dying up here! I actually wear layers of tights to avoid jeans..But! I am coming up to Buffalo tomorrow through Monday I believe so we should reallllly try to get together.