Friday, January 9, 2009


What is it about black&white photography that we find so appealing? Is it because it stands out through its absence of color? Does color in the end act as a distraction from the photograph itself, or the emotion conveyed by its subject? I think its the absence of color that makes us focus on texture, depth, contour, emotion and other subtleties that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. And maybe its the colored photographs that halt our imagination..cause who's to say that one idea is better than the next? In black&white, we are able to take in the entire photo, without having our eyes be instantly diverted or sub-consciously told what to focus on. Light comes into play. Shadows. The silhouette. Body language. Movement and action. And I'm not saying that these are absent from color photographs by any means, only that they come second-nature. But maybe that's just me. Either way, it's something to think about..

Photographs by Steven Meisel.



Champagne said...

I find that black and white pictures tell a story. You can really feel what the artist was trying to convey when he or she took the shot.

Salvation Jane said...

You're right, they really do. And I like being able to see that perspective..