Monday, January 26, 2009


(Free People hat, UO scarf and plaid tights, UO Madonna tee and jumper, H&M belt, Free People socks, Blowfish shoes, assorted vintage and costume jewelry)

Ugh, I do not want to wake up at 7 tomorrow. Having class at 8 really does suck, especially in the wintertime. Getting out of bed in the morning has to be the most difficult thing in the entire world..has to be.

Fall asleep listening to Jimmy Eat World's album, Clarity. It's perfect.



Ninja Monkey said...

Come on Taylor - you're a journalism student for christ's sake. Teach us something about you other than what clothes you wear! Do you think unwanted horses should be slaughtered, or euthanized? Should we get out of Iraq? Are the big pharmacutical companies slowing turning us all into drug addicts? Your blog makes it seem like all you care about are clothes, shoes and music (and sometimes the weather). Is that the internet legacy you really want to leave? I realize you're only a twenty-something; but show us your brain.

Taylor said...

No, unwanted horses should not be slaughtered. Yes, we should get out of Iraq. We're all already drug addicts, why do we have to have someone to blame? I have a lot of thoughts and ideas, and I'm sad they've been reduced to clothes, shoes and the weather. This blog was meant to be fun and focus mainly fashion because that's always been a love of mine. It's something a lot of young girls my age have in common, and can relate to. It may appear to be superficial, but it is in clothes, fashion, photography and music, that I find my daily inspiration. I would like to open my own vintage store one day. I do not want to be a news journalist. I don't like to preach. Yes, I am 19 and I have yet to see so much of the world, so I do not really feel I am in the place to tell the rest of the world what the world is like. I want to be a photojournalist. I would like to work for National Geographic or Rolling Stone. I think photographs are one of the only mediums that truly portray real emotion. Music has always been in my life. My boyfriend is in a band, doing what he loves every single day for people that find happiness through hearing his music. I couldn't be more proud of him. He's seeing the world, and every day I wish I could be right there with him. I feel tied down by college. Boston is not the place for me, I have come to find. I want to go back to Australia, where I spent my first semester of college. I think organized religion is what's setting the world against each other and I think everyone should go read a book instead..