Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dick & Dakota's

Sgt. Sebastian and Seabass

Graffiti mural in Shaant's apt.

Dining room at D&D's.

The gang and Dakota.


Seabass, Jeff, Stephen and Megan

Olivia and Greenman

Whosits and whatsits galore!

So somehow Jeff, Stephen, Megan, Olivia, Seabass and I ended up at Dick and Dakota's birthday extravaganza at their beautiful house the other day. We looked like a bunch of party crashers, noticeably younger than everyone else, and arriving way past the point of fashionably late. At first it was super awkward, mostly since I knew no one and am not a gay middle-aged man, but then the party started to pick up, and I think we brought a lot of life to the scene. Plus, Greenman showed up and Olivia and I practically died right then and there. We are huuuge 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' fans, and couldn't help but sing the 'Dayman' song with Mr. Greenman. Sooo much fun! I wish I could describe to you how beautiful the house was, truly something you'd see in a movie. And better yet, I left my phone there, requiring the need for a return visit to a place I thought to myself only moments before, "I would never see again." Surprise! I'm sure Dick & Dakota were thinking the same thing about us..haha. Who am I kidding, they loved us :)



hande's closet said...

great pictures and love this puppy so much so pretty!!

TheMinx said...

I love these, and the PUPPY!! Soo adorable. Great blog :)