Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3rd Planet

(H&M hat, UO cardigan and scarf, UO striped tank, VS lace crop top, Forever 21 houndstooth print shorts, UO tights and leg-warmers, Blowfish boots)

It looks as if my cat, Sugar, has found a new favorite napping spot, conveniently located in my sewing fabric crate. As if my clothes didn't have enough hair on them as it is..now clothes I haven't even made yet, let alone worn, are going to be furry and white..ah, the only con to having a cat. Other than that, Sugar is probably the best thing in the world :)

Woo! Done with classes for the day and now relaxing in my room. I've been listening to the Modest Mouse album, "The Moon & Antarctica," and remembering how perfect it is. Dark Center of the Universe, 3rd Planet, Gravity Rides Everything, Paper Thin Walls and Life Like Weeds are all amazing, amazing songs, and if you like Modest Mouse, I really suggest this album. Here's a line from the song, "3rd Planet," that's always kind of stuck with me..

"The universe is shaped exactly like the earth,
if you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were.."