Monday, February 16, 2009

Decisions, decisions..

(Zara top (I cut the cap sleeves off), UO jumper worn as skirt, UO tights, Free People socks, Blowfish boots)

Ah!!!! I can't de-stress myself! And I don't know why I am so all over the place, too many thoughts at once, but anyway.. Jordan is on her way back to Virginia :( miss her already! But luckily, Jeffrey is near Boston right now cause he plays a show at the Palladium tomorrow in Worcester, MA, so I get to see him! Right now I'm just trying to figure out how I can be in two places at once, as Jeff has to be at the venue by 12 tomorrow (it's an hour from my apartment and I don't have a car), and I have morning classes from 8 am to 11:35. Ugh, and then of course they're going to New York to play a show the day after, so I could ride on the bus, hang with my good friends I never get to see and maybe get a glimpse of all the fashion week chaos, and then take a bus back to Boston, or, I could stay here and sit in my apartment like a good little girl. AH! It's too much.. I wish their tour bus could just be my taxi as well, then I could maybe breathe a little. Or maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee in the morning, it seems to be turning me into one of those wound-up fiends with the shaky hands and the.. ok, so maybe I should just stop describing myself and accept the truth..

I, Taylor, must stop this unhealthy relationship with DD french vanilla coffee.

but maybe tomorrow..



Luna Supernova said...

i love the picture with al the trees. And your hair = WOW!!!! it's beyond gorgeous, i'm so amazingly jealous!!!

David Sabia said...

That's the tragedy of being this age...always needa be in two places at once. I'm sure you'll figure it out Tay. It'll come to you just sit back and don't think about it and one of those choices will feel right.

Andddd the picture of the flower is awesome.

Elizabeth said...

i am pretty much in love with your outfit! :]

Andy Warhol said...