Monday, February 2, 2009

Black ink

(Vintage pearled hat, Olivia's black dress, UO blue/black striped tights)

Well, here's where I sleep..if that's not weird..

And above are a few drawings from my sketchbook. Not the best, but I love to draw in my spare time. And feel free to click on the photos to see them in more detail. Hope you had a good Monday!



David Sabia said...

I really love the sketch with the moon and the puppet good.

Anonymous said...

You have the makings of some real talent here girl. You should seriously consider taking some art classes while in school. They will help with your technique - your shading and shadows are a bit weak. But overall, this is very good raw work. Nice balance to the page. Art classes will also allow you to explore other media other than just ink pen and pencil. Get thee to art class. Your sketches show great promise!

hande's closet said...

wow love ur beanie sooo much!!!fantastic!!

olga d said...

it's not weird. my college dorm room always looked like it's walls were missing, because they were just COVERED with crap. uh. i remember how much time it took to put everything up. piles of tape too.

ps cool blog